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Week in the Life. 2015

Woke up to Kennedy & Chloe wearing their aprons, doing their chore packs and pretending they have a wicked step-mother. Breakfast already made & eaten (Donuts & Peaches)- Kennedy took care of everyone. James & the boys were off mountain biking early this morning. James has been so sweet to take extra photos for me and text them so I can use them in my Week in the Life album (Like the one below of Cade on the trail this morning).

Our bed first thing in the morning. I guess I move around a little more than James in the night 🙂

This is the towel bar I made for the kids last year. It hangs in their bathroom to hold both their chore packs and their towels.

Canyon on the trail this morning. James told me he rocked it- he flew on the downhill and didn’t stop on the uphill.  So proud.

Dropping some things off at the RV- we just love driving the Jeep around town.

James & KEagan picked up the soccer uniforms. James is coaching Keagan’s team this year.

The little ones were pretending to drive in a “carriage” made of pillows and delivering books to the kids in the village. I just love their imaginations.

Today we took off at 10am – headed to Santa Monica to ride the ferris wheel on the pier. Carson has been asking to ride it since June. Today is the day.

Ate lunch on 3rd Street, did a little shopping, then headed to the pier.

I’ve always loved this building- glad I finally had a chance to capture it.

One of my favorite shots of the day (Below)

L.A. Traffic. 

Homeschool Mom’s Night Out at my house. It was a great night of encouragement and fun. I’m thankful to have ladies who are like-minded in my life.

January 18, 2018 - 7:48 pm

Amy McCollum - Omg! Lookes so fun! All of those Pictures were so Fun and cute!! Let’s be friends! It must have been a Blast at the park! My phone number is 909 241 6816. I have 4 kids. Oldest one is Abby! Her real name is Abigail. The middle ones are Hannah and Chloe. The yougest one is Nathan. I’ve heard of the famous Lycklama family! Chloe Lycklama and Hannah McCollum shlould have a playdate! Tuseday 3:00 work?

January 19, 2018 - 6:54 pm

Abby McCollum - I love looking at your pictures! I hope you got my last comment!! The park pictures are amazing, cute, and awsome! Just in case you didn’t know Homeschool moms rock! Hannah keeps asking me to have a playdate with Chloe!

Week in the Life. 2015

I’ve followed Ali Edwards since my early days of scrapbooking (maybe 2004?) and I have ALWAYS loved her style, her thoughtfulness, and her attention to the “everyday.”  In 2006, I attended her class called “Week in the Life” and it changed the way I look at my “everyday.” It made me more attentive to the mundane. It made me look at my simple, everyday tasks in a new light and remember why I do certain things the way I do them. Why do I love laundry so much? Is it because I love the smell of fresh, clean laundry? Partly. But mostly I discovered it’s because it’s one thing on my t0-do list that I can finish in one day- it’s about completion.

I love the time this project gives to me just slow down, listen intently, pay close attention to what’s going on around me. My life is busy and I have to be extremely purposeful to stop, look in the eyes of those around me and listen, really listen to what they’re saying and drown out the voice in my head screaming loudly all the things I “need” to do.

Here are the words and photos for my Monday.

I’ve been trying to wait until 11am to have my first coffee each day. I’ve noticed I’m jittery and a little more irritable if I have it first thing in the morning. It is a sad realization, though. The thought of my morning coffee makes me feel all warm & fuzzy and giving it up is heart-breaking.  Makes me long for 11am, though!

I LOVE that we’re still on summer break for a few more weeks. Lots of games being played around here. Before scrabble they played Clue. Kennedy complained that Canyon takes too long to make a word – that made me smile as it reminds me of my mom and the reason I never ever ever want to play scrabble 🙂

Monday night was date night (Insert confetti here).  We drove to Burbank – Granville Cafe, Ikea, Michaels and Best Buy.  Not sure how fun that was for James but it was his idea so….

The BEST mac&cheese on the planet!!! And the mojitos went down easy. 

Carson saying good morning to daddy who is in the office all week!!!

Bath time before preschool

Love that James is always present, always helpful, usually very patient. He really loves to be with us and makes every effort to spend time with us. He’s even sending me photos to help me with my week in the life.

My morning shake. Super yummy, filling and healthy!

Kendamas are the big thing in our family right now. 

Canyon is trying to learn how to juggle and… a few other tricks.

Lazy summer days watching Up.

I always want to remember how much my little ones love to sit on the island and eat breakfast. 

Today I finished the kids’ school albums!!!!! I wasn’t even sure that was a possible task, but it is officially off my list and I could not be happier!!!

The photos are a little out of order, but I’m too tired to fix them 🙂

January 19, 2018 - 6:58 pm

Amy McCollum - I think those words on the first picture so thoughtfull! Preschool is always fun to look forward to!

My First Video.

I’ve been trying to make a video of our 2nd road trip for a while now and time always seems to slip away.  As school begins to wind down, I find myself with a few more available minutes in the day. So I started a few projects. 1. I made the 2nd installment of our book collection for our first Road Trip USA (2013)- I finished it & it’s on its way!!!!! Finally.  2. I created this little video just to play around with some of my video editing software.  I have a long way to go but I’m super interested in video editing so hopefully this summer will allow me some time to work on my skills 🙂

solemn from Emily Lycklama on Vimeo.

May 29, 2015 - 5:57 pm

melinda - Love, love, love it!!!!

January 19, 2018 - 7:33 pm

Amy McCollum - Super cute video! Looks like a lot of fun! Wish i was there! Just kidding

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