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My First Video.

I’ve been trying to make a video of our 2nd road trip for a while now and time always seems to slip away.  As school begins to wind down, I find myself with a few more available minutes in the day. So I started a few projects. 1. I made the 2nd installment of our […]

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The Weather over here.

The weather here has been fickle.  No wonder everyone is sick- not my family, not yet anyway. We save our illness for Easter Sunday. The past 3 years we’ve had the stomach flu on or near Easter. While everyone else is getting over it, we’ll be getting it. But this week, this week is beautiful. […]

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Manhattan Beach 2012.

This was the beach I ALWAYS went to in my 20’s (just a few years ago 🙂  James happened to have a job in the area so he asked if we wanted to join him & make a day of it! Ummm… yes please- you don’t even have to ask. I LOVE the beach.

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