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Project Life 2011.

In 2009 I decided to start a “little” adventure called “Project 365. I wasn’t sure if I could keep up with it, but I liked the idea of getting my photos printed and journaling at least a little something instead of nothing at all.  And guess what? I did it! At that time I had […]

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Some Photos I Found..

Last night I ordered a bunch of photos from Mpix (they were having free shipping) for my Project Life album.  It’s so fun to go back over the month’s worth of photos and remember.  When I download I usually look through all the photos with a pretty critical eye for my *5Star favorites.  I tag […]

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A Few Things..

There are a few things I want to remember & One thing I want to share. One thing I want to remember is this:  Keagan is at THE BEST stage right now. I know I’ve talked a lot about his “whiny-ness” and called him “sir whines-a-lot” and all… but he’s grown out of it. There […]

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New Photos at Project 365

I just loaded a ton of new photos to my project 365 album on the right sidebar.  My annual Mother's Day photo in bed- right after the yummy breakfast they made for me. This year we had a little surprise for the kids… Baby #5 is on the way!! They were so excited and are […]

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