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Monthly Archives: January 2008

We Found Snow!

After a sad attempt on Saturday (they were sending everyone back home), we finally found snow on Monday afternoon! And we found A LOT of snow! I’ll post more photos later- for now, I have some Valentine’s Day Mini-Sessions to proof! Enjoy the cold weather! ~emily

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Singin’ In The Rain

My sweet little Kennedy just LOVES to sing. You should hear her rendition of Annie’s "We’ve Lost Our Baton" from the Little Einsteins. She nails it! And it’s just cute to watch.  So I took her out for a little photo session in the rain this morning. She was LOVING the puddles- although, I’m pretty […]

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Homeschooling, Trampolines and Schedules..

Well, I received quite a response from my last post. I think I need to address it.  First of all, I hope no one thinks that I am "superwoman" or somehow feels that they need to be doing "more" or that their own schedule just doesn’t measure up. That’s the LAST thing I would want! […]

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Two Posts in One Morning!

I have been in an organizing mood lately- maybe it’s because of the pregnancy- maybe it’s just because I’m psycho about organizing… I don’t know.  But I realized my thoughts needed to be organized, too. Like my daily schedule. We have a routine, but I wanted to see it written out- So, I’ll share it […]

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