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Monthly Archives: October 2009

The Last of the Sneak Peeks.

I’m sorry Christine.¬† This sneak peek is SO SO late, but… your boys are really cute. Does that help? ūüôā On a side note:¬† I added a few images to the slideshow at the top of my blog.¬† If you want to see them, just hit the refresh button on your browser. It usually looks […]

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The “To-Do” List.

On my “Big Picture To-Do List” is the following:¬† 1. Harvest Party¬† 2. Kennedy’s Bday Party¬† 3. Move boys into new bedroom¬† 4. Thanksgiving¬† 5. Christmas Shopping¬† 6. Decorate for Christmas¬† 7. Mom comes to town 8. Have Baby¬† 9. Cade’s Bday¬† 10. Christmas You don’t even want to see my “detailed to-do list”¬† It’s […]

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Palm Springs.

So…. we’ve been away- Again.¬† This time I chose NOT to my check email for the week & just RELAX. I needed it. It’s been a VERY VERY busy photo season… along with all the sickness, etc… makes for a very tired pregnant mama.¬† And, as Canyon has informed us…my love of naps is calling […]

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Should I be concerned?

Canyon had to write a few sentences using nouns that name people. So here’s what he wrote: My brother likes to read. My dad likes to work. My mom likes to nap. ūüôā¬† Really?¬† That’s all they see me do in the 24 hours a day I’m with them?¬† I said to Canyon, “Couldn’t you […]

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