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Monthly Archives: October 2009

The Last of the Sneak Peeks.

I’m sorry Christine.  This sneak peek is SO SO late, but… your boys are really cute. Does that help? On a side note:  I added a few images to the slideshow at the top of my blog.  If you want to see them, just hit the refresh button on your browser. It usually looks like […]

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The “To-Do” List.

On my “Big Picture To-Do List” is the following:  1. Harvest Party  2. Kennedy’s Bday Party  3. Move boys into new bedroom  4. Thanksgiving  5. Christmas Shopping  6. Decorate for Christmas  7. Mom comes to town 8. Have Baby  9. Cade’s Bday  10. Christmas You don’t even want to see my “detailed to-do list”  It’s […]

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Palm Springs.

So…. we’ve been away- Again.  This time I chose NOT to my check email for the week & just RELAX. I needed it. It’s been a VERY VERY busy photo season… along with all the sickness, etc… makes for a very tired pregnant mama.  And, as Canyon has informed us…my love of naps is calling […]

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Should I be concerned?

Canyon had to write a few sentences using nouns that name people. So here’s what he wrote: My brother likes to read. My dad likes to work. My mom likes to nap.   Really?  That’s all they see me do in the 24 hours a day I’m with them?  I said to Canyon, “Couldn’t you […]

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