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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Hallie G.

Not related to Kenny G (that I know of, anyway).  It’s her birthday today. Happy Birthday Sweet Friend.  I like you a lot. You’re really nice. Very Selfless. A Great Gift Giver. Fashion Savvy. Joyful & Happy all the time. The Model Wife. A FUN Mommy. An Amazing Friend. I’m so blessed to have met […]

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Almost Before & After.

Minus the furniture which is still sitting in my garage… this is our house.  If you don’t remember (because it’s been over 2 months now) we had a leak in our kitchen that buckled our floors, that caused the removal of the ENTIRE floor and baseboards and appliances, that sent us away for a week, […]

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B l o g s   t o   V i s i t