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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Can’t think of a clever title today. sorry.

No juice left in the tank. I am officially exhausted. Actually, I've been exhausted all day. Some days- it's just like that, well.. for me, anyway. Some women seem to have ample supplies of energy. I am NOT one of those women. Those women also tend to enjoy something they call "exercise." Again,I am NOT […]

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Sarah Augusta

My very dear friend, Nicole, just had her beautiful baby girl and I had the privilege of photographing her this morning. Nicole is one of those women that EVERYBODY just loves! She's makes you feel important- she is a faithful friend- always keeping in touch. I don't know how she can be such an amazing friend […]

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Guess where we went today?

To the Flower Mart!!! It was so fun. We are studying plants and seeds and flowers so… I thought a fun field trip would be a jaunt down to the flower mart (a little selfish, I'll admit it). But the kids enjoyed it, too. They each got to pick out their own flowers and they […]

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Two Posts. One Night.

I Love homeschooling my kids (most of the time). I love having them home with me, I love teaching them new things, I love learning new things myself. Today was a fun homeschool day. We are doing a science unit called "seed mysteries." It's so fun! The boys and I really enjoyed the experiments this […]

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