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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Just the Two of Us

It’s just Kennedy & me this morning. James took Cade out in the field with him (surveying) and Canyon is in preschool. So…. Kennedy & I are just hanging out. She is so good at entertaining herself. She plays and sings and dances & occasionally asks me a question.  She played with Canyon’s Buzz Lightyear […]

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Griffith Park

On of the great things about homeschooling is the opportunity to pack up and take off on a fun field trip any time you want. You aren’t limited to non-school hours to have fun with your kids. Plus, you miss a lot of the crowds because most other children are in school.  So… Hallie & […]

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Sicky McPukes-a-lot

that’s right. That’s my new nickname… sicky McPukes-a-lot. Although I’m not sure if it’s totally appropriate since I’m not actually puking. Sure does feel like I need to though… not sure which one is worse- feeling like it or actually doing it. Oh, in case you hadn’t heard… here’s the reason why. I know that […]

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