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Insert your own title here. I can’t think of one.

Looking back over my photos from April, I discovered a few that I felt were blog-worthy.  I’m in the process of getting my 2010 blog posts into book form, but it’s not as easy with this one. With Typepad (my former blog) I could just “slurp” the entries right into the book editor. With a […]

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Easter Twenty.Eleven.

We were SO SO SO sick the week before Easter. Everyone in our family had it in one form or another. Kennedy was hit the hardest & that poor girl… I’m not sure how her tiny little body managed it.  But we got through it… I wasn’t sure if it would ever end, but eventually […]

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Let’s Review, shall we?

A little look at what we’ve been up to.  You remember the water situation, right? With the floors and all.. yep. Nothing has happened. Still looks exactly the same with no forward progress. Delay of game.. wait. I’ve been watching WAY too much football.  Moving on… James made Cade’s birthday so fun! He made an […]

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Part 2.

My computer seems to be working normally again. Funny how a reboot fixes everything..kinda like a good night’s sleep. Okay- back to it. We had our Church Christmas concert last Sunday- Keagan’s first one. He just stood up there looking cute, not singing. Sorry about all the weird swirly faces, but I didn’t know how […]

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