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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Encouragement for weary mothers…

I recently picked up Feminine Appeal by Carolyn Mahaney again. I read it several years ago (just after I had Canyon, I think) and I remember liking it then, but WOW! now- it's hitting home even more. I've read the chapter called "the Blessings of Loving My Children" about 3 times now and I want […]

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Yesterday as we were working on our lessons (home school), I said to Canyon (who sometimes doodles when he's supposed to be working or gets lost in his own little daydream about Star Wars and rocket ships and sometimes forgets to do a problem or two .. or a page or two…) "Son, you forgot to do […]

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I have one thing to say.

CUTE.Edited, so as not to make people "throw up"James was a little offended, Hallie:)   This photo is to remind me that Keagan always, always has his tongue out….or has his thumb in his mouth…   Edited to Note: **for some reason, typepad is making my photos all wonky- sorry for the lack of quality- i'll […]

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