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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Getting Ready for Baby

Well. I have THE BEST friends in the entire world! Thursday evening I was showered with the most amazing baby shower. They made my favorite foods, favorite desserts, they decorated with my favorite colors & the place was filled with so many people that I treasure. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect baby […]

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This Makes me happy… and Sad

I was going back through some old photos today and I found these:                                                         So here are a few observations:  1. Since I’ve started my photography as a business, I don’t take nearly enough photos of […]

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Canyon Is 5 Years Old!

I know, I know… he’s been 5 for a week and a half, but I’m just now gettting to his 5 year photo shoot. He was somewhat willing… thankfully I was able to get this beauty. He has the most amazing skin. A beautiful olive color all year long and always soft and smooth. I […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Valentine’s Day! My sweet husband set up a babysitter, took me out to lunch and then took me to the mall to buy me some new maternity clothes! While we were in Gap, the song "Cupid" came on… that’s "OUR SONG."  I couldn’t believe it! It was fate! It was meant […]

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