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Mother’s Day 2013

I didn’t get my annual Mother’s Day photo in bed with all my kids because we weren’t home. We were in Santa Barbara this year.  I think I’ll need to re-create it though because it’s kind of tradition.  James took us all to Santa Barbara for a few days to relax (well, as much as […]

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Insert your own title here. I can’t think of one.

Looking back over my photos from April, I discovered a few that I felt were blog-worthy.  I’m in the process of getting my 2010 blog posts into book form, but it’s not as easy with this one. With Typepad (my former blog) I could just “slurp” the entries right into the book editor. With a […]

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The kids and the daddy have a FAVORITE activity.  It’s loud and it’s crazy and the mama-bear in me gets a little nervous and thinks, “oh, this is too dangerous…somebody’s going to get hurt…”  But I just have to let that go because it happens pretty much every night in our house, usually right before […]

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